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Precision Agriculture

Rawlinson & Brown are industry leaders in the practical use of precision agriculture within our area. Our highly experienced team has a thorough understanding of GPS and GIS systems as well as an understanding of remote sensed data including, airborne multi spectral imagery and electromagnetic induction instruments. This combined with a comprehensive understanding of paddock surveying and sampling techniques, means you can target the results you desire.

We utilise SST Toolbox software, which is the world leading GIS platform for agriculture. A data storage service is also provided to keep all your geo-referenced information in a useable format and secure environment. We emphasis the need for you to collect this data (e.g. yield data) even if practical use is not possible today, so that it can be used in the future when the technology inevitably evolves.

  • Data collection and storage for future use
  • Variable Rate Prescriptions (chemical and fertiliser)
  • Analysis of paddock trends
  • Interpretation of GIS data
  • Electro Magnetic Surveys (EM-31 and EM-38)
  • Remote Sensing Data (Aerial & Satellite)
  • GIS Software advice and sales

Agribusiness Contacts

Murray Dempsey

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Steve Cave

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Ian Gregor

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Will Brain

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Ebony Barnes

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Taylor Mentha

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