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Agronomy Services

Rawlinson & Brown's agronomists are part of the CRT Agri-Services Group. This network has more than 240 agronomists nationally who are able to provide valuable on-farm information and are Australia's largest independent supplier of on-farm advice for farmers covering crops as diverse as wheat, barley and canola through to sugar cane and from apples and hops through to cotton and viticulture.

This ensures that we can help you quickly adapt to the latest use patterns and market requirements, keeping your operation efficient and profitable.

R & B the “Local Blokes” service their clients with the best available agricultural advice covering whole farm plans and precision agriculture through to paddock recommendations to ensure crops and pastures achieve maximum returns for the farmer.

Our agronomists will provide on farm advice for all your cropping and permanent planting needs. This includes:
  • Crop monitoring
  • Weed identification
  • Insect threshold analysis
  • Disease assessments
  • Crop rotation and paddock planning
  • Chemical and fertiliser recommendations
  • Whole farm planning
  • Irrigation layout design
  • Soil moisture monitoring

Our experienced team can provide you with a range of cropping solutions, from dryland and irrigation, to summer and winter production.

Agribusiness Contacts

Murray Dempsey

0418 799 100


Steve Cave

0428 661 331


Ian Gregor

0428 689 096


Will Brain

0437 828 794


Ebony Barnes

0401 259 525


Taylor Mentha

0407 628 070